Hi There!  My name is Danin.

Imagine being able to use your smartphone securely with one hand while not tweaking your pinky finger.  Yes, most of us do it.  Just think, no more Smartphone Pinky or as some lovingly refer to it as Pinky Callous. Even if your an individual who uses your phone with two hands, you may never of had the opportunity to use your smartphone with one hand due to your hand size.  Yes, ladies, we can free your hand too!  Imagine living without the stress and worry of dropping your phone.

We love our large phone screens but we have sacrificed the comfort of being able to use our devices with one hand.  The majority of people place their pinky at the bottom of the phone to try and balance it as the screen is navigated with the thumb.  Kinda  dumb.  Really!  However, what choice do we have?!?!  I was one of the masses and I got sick of contorting my pinky into a form it has not evolved to yet.  I started to fear what the human pinky would look like with evolution acclimating to the bizarre way we use it.


Hence, the GripTab for your phone!  No More Smartphone Pinky Callous. No more contorting your little finger.  No more Pinky pain.  No more dropping your phone.  This is like Nothing on the market.  This is truly the future of smartphones. Utility Patent filed 2015 will cover the GripTab as an attachment, for use in wireless devices and cases.

Please check back for updates.  

For inquiries regarding licensing contact danin@backbonecases.net